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Midge Hall Secure Dog Field
Field Rules

Please follow this process to use
Midge Hall Secure Dog Field appropriately:

• Book your 55 minute slot-you'll receive a confirmation email almost immediately

• You will receive a code for the padlock 45 minutes before your appointment via text message

• Arrive at your allotted time (please don’t arrive too early as it's still someone else’s time)

• If the field is occupied please park in the parking area immediately outside the field

• Once the field is free, drive forward and open the gate and drive into the field using the code provided

• No more than two vehicles are allowed per session (South Ribble Council rules)

• Park inside the field (not outside it as you'll block a farmer's access to his field), secure the gate by re-padlocking it (including moving the padlock digits), and let your dog(s) out

• Enjoy your time at the field, ensure that you have your dog(s) back in the car in good time to vacate the field in time for the next person *any extra time required is to be paid for*

• Padlock the field gate on exit and twist the numbers on the padlock to a random number set, even if the next person is there waiting. This is to ensure that everybody that uses the field has booked and paid for their time

• Be respectful of other users – there are cameras watching you and your dog(s) for your safety and security and others - with 24 hour recording

• Pick up your dog's poo​p -no exceptions. Anyone found not collecting their dog's poop will be permanently banned


• Only take maximum of two vehicles

• Arrive at your allotted time – not too early

• Pick up all dog poop – there’s no poo fairy so please be respectful of other users and leave the field how you’d expect to find it

• Use the bins provided

• Respect the field and enjoy its imperfections - it’s not flat like a football pitch and can get muddy

• If your dog is having so much fun it’s not likely to want to leave, give yourself plenty of time to get it back to you before the end of your session

• Close and lock the gate when you leave

• Ensure your dog is fully vaccinated



• We don’t condone the use of any electronic devices, prong collars or choke collars

• We don’t tolerate any harsh handling of dogs, and if found to be doing so, you’ll be banned from future use

• If your dog is ill, please don’t come to the field, this includes kennel cough 

• Don’t leave dog poop – please clean up after your dog and either take it home or pop it in the dog poop bin provided

Monday - Saturday

8am - 7pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays

10am - 4pm


Daylight hours
Sunday 10am - 4pm

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