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Welcome to Midge Hall
Secure Dog Field

Midge Hall
Secure Dog Field

Based off Midge Hall Lane, Leyland, Lancashire (between Leyland and Walmer Bridge), this nearly

four acre secure dog field is a very quiet rural site (over quarter of a mile to the nearest property accessed down a long track).

With 1.9 metre anti dig fencing, it provides a safe and secure dog field for you to exercise your dog(s) with total peace of mind.

Includes free parking: hard standing parking area in the field and hard standing waiting area outside the field. 


It's available to hire in 55 minute slots for your exclusive use, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our licence from the council states a maximum of two cars and total of six dogs
are permitted per session.

It's a field so can get muddy and waterlogged. 

Water is available from the water container for light rinsing (via foot pump) and drinking. Water bowls are also provided.


We have security cameras on site for your safety and security.

At weekends the paintball
 site next to us is open. We've tested the low noise levels from it, with a very noise reactive dog, and he didn't react. There is netting on our fencing next to the paintball site, to stop paint pellets coming into the field, but there may be the odd paint pellet/shell that does get into the field.



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Safe & Secure Field

1.9m dig proof fencing surrounds our dog field, ensuring total
escape proof security

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